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4103Re: [S-R] Ellis Island

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  • John
    Jul 7, 2001
      At 08:52 AM 7/7/01 -0500, you wrote:
      >While working on the Ellis Island site yesterday, I encountered some
      >original manifests that did not display. Is this a common problem?

      I've had the experience and gone back a few weeks later and got the same
      results. They either have problems with the image or they do not have an
      image from the manuscript. I just got it a few minutes ago. I assume you
      mean the white block with the red cross shows up instead of the original
      manuscript and a message that no image is available shows up. If you're
      getting just a partial of the manifest when you enlarge, you can wait,
      right click and save image even though it doesn't seem as if the image is
      there. When you save it and use your graphics viewer the whole manifest is

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