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38377Re: Tracing a family in the U.S.

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  • ultraln2001
    Aug 31, 2014
      A technique for working past brick walls is to start looking for relatives and working your way back in. My focus has been on finding his father under the name Valentin but that has led nowhere. I saw the Nebraska census with a family of Meshnas on it and I wondered if they were related. That has led nowhere as well.

      As for the uncle/father thing - perhaps I wasn't clear. What I said was that it might be possible he had an uncle that cared for him, and the archdiocese was confused about who his parents were, not that his father and uncle had the same last name. People sometimes name their children after a brother and that could be why they share the same name. Valentin Michna was born in Moravia and my grandfather said his parents were born in the U.S. That is a major discrepancy that would have to be resolved for him to be the right one.

      The only records the Archdioscese had on my grandfather are the intake and discharge notes at the boys' home. The archdiocese acknowledged their records are incomplete and that the dates cannot be relied upon.

      I checked with the Slovak church St. Wenceslaus and they looked at a few dates and names. However they can't look further back back. It is too time consuming. Their ledgers go by date and then name. Without a marriage date they cannot check for one. If I knew the date I wouldn't be asking though so… They said I would not be allowed to look myself. No one else is allowed to handle the documents because they are so old.

      I'm going to send away for my grandfather's Social Security # application and see if I can get a confirmation on his parents' names from that. If it's the same as what the Archdiocese said it was then I will have to write to the archives in Baltimore and pay for them to search other spellings of the name. A search of the name Meshna turned up nothing last time, just as it did at St. Wenceslaus church.


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