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  • MGMojher
    Jul 28, 2014
      On Anna, with the information you have found on her it appears that her parents are Jana Slavik and Kateriny(a?) Stepanovic. Thus her birth name would have been Anna Slavik.
      The first marriage for Anna you think is in 1877 to a Martin Stepanovic ovdovdy/widower.
      Then in 1889 Anna married Harustak. She could have been listed as Anna Slavik (maiden name) Stepanovic (first marriage name).
      It makes no sense that Martin Stepanovic’s name would be in the “Parents” box for her marriage to Harustak.
      The two Stepanovic are mother Kateriny and husband Martin. No idea why Martin’s name would be in the “Parent” section.
      Sent: Friday, July 25, 2014 12:54 PM
      Subject: [S-R] understanding marriage records

      I've been pouring over the church's marriage records page by page, and finding loads of hits.  If I don't understand the Slovak, I write as I read it (I probably should learn, though, huh?!).  This has contributed to my confusion regarding one woman.  I may have figured it out, or maybe not.  Here' the situation.  I have down that Anny Slavik Stepanovic (although I can't remember the exact order of the last names--one may even have been in paranthesis) who married a 25yo Harustak in 1889 when she was33yo.  In the space for her parents' names, it said only Martina Stepanovic vonicka vdocs.   I wrote this down, hypothesizing that her mother had died, Stepanovic was her maiden name, and that she'd probably been married to a Slavik who'd died.

      OK, so I just came across and earlier marriage record that could be her to Martina Stepanovic.  In 1877, Martin Stepanovic ovdovdy volnik age 49 (widower?) married Anna Slavik age 23 (if she was born in 1855, this could work), with parents Jana Slavik and Kateriny Stepanovic. 

      So my main confusion comes with the meaning of Anna's two last names in the 1889 marriage.  It makes sense that a widowed Martin Stepanovic married Anna.  Would his name be in the "Parents" section for her next marriage?  And then she re-married the Harustak.  



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