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3819Re: [S-R] Parents of John Misura

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  • Dr. Joe Quashnock
    Jun 5, 2001
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      Dr. "Q"

      Lindarose Veches wrote:

      > I have several times unsubscribed to this group.... Take me off your
      > emails.. I really do not want them
      > cordially,
      > Lindarose
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      > From: "W. Scott Park" <scott.park@...>
      > To: <SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 7:10 PM
      > Subject: [S-R] Parents of John Misura
      > > I would like to know how to find out who the parents of John Misura were.
      > The only information that was given to me was from his daughter. She says
      > that he was born in Orava on December 13, 1882. Their religion was
      > Lutheran. She claims that he came to the United States in 1903. His
      > parents did not emigrate to America. I don't know his port of entry , but
      > my mother was born in New York City in 1910. The EI passenger records list
      > a Jan Misura of Galician ethnicity. Place of residence: Glimk. Date of
      > arrival: 21 May 1902. Could this possibly be him? And with only this
      > amount of information is it possible to find birth records, or baptism
      > records or anything that would tell me who his parents were?
      > >
      > > Thanks!
      > >
      > > Sandra
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