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3788Re: [S-R] Czech republic locator

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  • John Venham
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Go to this link. It's the phone directory (telefoni
      seznam) homepage for Cesky telecom.


      1) Fill in info in the first "Bytove stanice" box.

      2) Prijmeni is 'surname'
      Jmeno is first name
      Mesto/obec is the city name

      This is all you need to do a search. Czech addresses
      are sort of strange, so I don't recommend entering
      info if you don't know it exactly. You may miss the
      person you're seeking.

      3) Uncheck the 'diakritika' box

      4) Click on vyhledat to start the search.

      Be aware, many many towns and homes still do not have
      telephones, so if the person doesn't show up, it
      doesn't mean they don't exist!

      Good Luck


      --- rstephansjr@... wrote:
      > How do I try to locate a phone number and/or address
      > for someone in
      > the Czech republic....looking for my cousin.
      > Thanks.
      > Ron

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