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3786Taking a "fresh look" at your research

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  • mpetzolt2@webtv.net
    May 30, 2001
      Just thought I'd share something... especially with those of us
      currently stuck at one brick wall or another....

      Since school is now out for me (thankfully!) I'm in the midst of
      organizing my genealogy research that I want to get to this
      summer....(you know, films to look at, what I have and what I don't
      have) and lo and behold, while going through papers that I _know_ I
      have been through -at least 20 times-, I found some paperwork from the
      Czech Archives that I honestly cannot remember ever seeing, or if I did,
      it didn't make any sense at the time (at least I didn't note it)...
      which contained the death information from mid-1800's on my
      gr/gr/gr/grandparents - which by the way was on my "to order" list as
      something I needed !!

      And just about 1 1/2 years ago, while stuck at my Irish McGlynn brick
      wall in trying to find out what happened to the one daughter.... on the
      verge of giving up after looking at every angle of "did she die, why
      isn't she in any more census records?" I looked through a notebook I
      kept when I first started doing genealogy about 4 years ago where I
      wrote down every instance of the surname McGlynn I could find on the
      theory that one day -maybe- it would come in handy. Again, I swear I'd
      been through that book at least a dozen times and read the entry of
      "Catherine McGlynn married to Nicholas Gathleny, parents John and Ann
      Farrell " (which someone had sent to a list in a bunch of church
      transcriptions) etc etc, but never realized THAT was the Catherine I was
      trying to find!! It opened up an entire new line for me, one which ended
      up close to me in Pensacola FL unbeknownst to any of my family!

      The point I'm trying to make is.... sometimes when you're looking for
      something so hard, you overlook the obvious, or don't see what's right
      in front of you. We all hit those brick walls sometimes, and maybe that
      is the time to step back from everything and look again at what you
      -already- have... because even tho we may have seen it 20 times...
      sometimes we don't pay attention!

      Getting organized is tough (and boring) but it pays off when you find
      something you needed, especially ones that you already had!

      Hope this helps someone....


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