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37718Re: [S-R] New York Public Library Austria Hungary Maps

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  • MGMojher
    Apr 4, 2014
          I couldn’t find the dpi at max. I did notice that by moving back one (-) the resolution was better than max.
          Since these maps cover up to 1912 they are useful to see how roads and trails are much different than they are today. I have noticed that in my ancestral village area villages that now require a long drive on modern maps were connected by “short-cut” roads and trails that are no longer used. So it is with such knowledge one can understand how it was possible that relatives married people in these villages we now would consider difficult to get to.
          I noticed that on the N,S,E &W border of the maps are words that seem to relate to the Hungary (Ungarn=Hungary in German) and Galizien (Galicia in English).
      Sent: Friday, April 04, 2014 1:31 PM
      Subject: Re: [S-R] New York Public Library Austria Hungary Maps

      Thanks for the "heads up" I was looking for Jarabina and used your finding Stara Lubovna and just went north.  The fact that the maps are cataloged in Hungarian will help me find some other places.

      Does anyone have any idea what resolution the maps online are at the maximum zoom?  I doubt they are 300 dpi as the city names are not clear. 

      Thanks again


      On 4/4/2014 12:13 PM, MGMojher wrote:
          Thanks for the link.
          Having looked at the maps I would like to give a “heads up” to anyone using them. They are in Hungarian, so if you do not know your search areas Hungarian name you will be at a loss trying to find it. The maps are for relatively small areas, 700 maps, and as such just knowing the Hungarian County names will not be useful. I found my ancestral village of Kromos (Gromos) on the map titled Olublo (Stara Lubovna) und Szczawnica (Szcsawnica, Poland). Knowing the name of a major city near to your search area would be useful. I did notice that the maps to the left and right was a continuation. The ones above and below were not. So the system is not presented as a grid of maps of Hungary in 1912 that can be easily followed.
      Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2014 2:33 PM
      Subject: [S-R] New York Public Library Austria Hungary Maps

      he New York Public Library has just released more than 20,000 cartographic maps, for free download.  These include a large collection of Austria-Hungary Maps.

      Just thought I'd pass this on in case anyone was interested:
      Just scroll down the page and you'll find a link to the Austria Hungary maps.  It was too long to try to post here.
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