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3766Re: [S-R] Daniels/Futej

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  • John
    May 23, 2001
      At 11:53 AM 5/23/01 -0400, you wrote:
      >yes I have ..... have not located exact match yet....... close ones for FUTEJ
      >but none for John DANIELS..... but am working on that.

      Any luck with US church, naturalization, NARA, etc. records? Because of
      the large number of Daniels, I tried changing ethnicity to Magyar. That
      was a couple of days ago. As I recall it kicked up about 3 names. None of
      them seemed to fit your needs but home village and destination, if
      available, might be useful to tie into Futej or as a possible home
      village. Too bad it isn't just Tej. I have several in my tree who are
      from NE Slovakia. Have you tried the online Slovak directory? I found a
      couple of Futej in Bratislava and a Futejova in Velky Saris. I found a
      Danielsz and a Daniel-Szabo in Kosice and various other spellings in
      Bratislava. All you need is the first 3 letters of the surname and first
      three of a town to do the searching. There seemed to be a lot of Daniel in
      the towns. You can reduce the number of returns by using Danie but still
      get close matches. I wonder if the name wasn't Danielsz, which may be a
      version of Daniel-Szabo. Good luck.

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