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3762Re: Intro and Q. re: GARANY, Hungary

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  • daveydad@yahoo.com
    May 22, 2001
      There was a town named GARAN (today called HRAN) in the SE Corner of
      Slovakia 7 miles SSE of Trebisov.
      People from GARAN could have been recorded at Ellis Island as being
      from GARANY.
      Good Luck+

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., Amfield@... wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > I am brand new to this list, and almost as brand new to searching
      for my
      > Slovakian roots. That's because I was adopted and just last
      found my
      > birth family. My birthmother and all of her family (on both sides)
      > Slovaks.
      > I began my research by trying to find out where my grandfather
      from. As
      > an adoptee, I have been used to searching "forwards," but now I'm
      > "backwards," and it's so much fun.
      > My family name is REHTORIK. It was also spelled Rechtorik, and
      > Rektorik. My grandfather's name was Andras Rektorik. His brother,
      > Rektorik, lived and died in PA, while my grandfather, Andy, came to
      Gary, IN,
      > where he settled. He had two children, my birthmother, Margaret
      Mary, and a
      > son, Andrew.
      > My grandfather married Anna MAYERSKY in Gary. Her parents
      > from McKeesport, PA, but were born in Austria/Hungary. Their names
      > Martin (Michael) MAYERSKY and Mary Slivka MAYERSKY. (It's also been
      > Majersky and Majerski)
      > I am thrilled to say I found my grandfather, ANDRAS REKTORIK, on
      > passenger ship list of the SS Prinz Fredr. Wilhelm, arriving in NY
      on Feb.
      > 20, 1912. I have two questions:
      > 1)On the manifest, my grandfather's place of birth is listed as
      > GARGANY.
      > Other possible spellings were Garany, Garauy, Girany. Can't find
      this name
      > anywhere! Does anyone have any ideas or know about it?
      > 2) Also on the manifest is my great grandmother's name, ERRSEBET
      > Would I be correct in assuming that the English equivalent to this
      name is
      > Elizabeth?
      > Thanks!
      > Sincerely, Anita
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