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37017thank you for assistance - Re: [S-R] freedom soldier in 1869, and assistance with translation

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  • Christine Merseal
    Oct 7, 2013
      Carl and others,

      Thank you so much for the translation and additional information.

      I have seen the “Guide for Locating Military Records for the Various Regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.” For a year now, I have been wanting to read and digest the articles online. Time is always an issue. However, I need to make the time. 

      What resources are you referring too on the subject of IR 67 and their battles?

      Thanks again for all your help.
      Christine Merseal, CG
      St. Louis, Mo

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      Subject: RE: and again, Re: [S-R] freedom soldier in 1869, and assistance with translation

      Thanks Julie for providing Martin's translation of the word "szabadsag".  I did not recognize it and "freedom" did not make sense.  After the Seven Weeks war with Prussia, Austria had over 500,000 men in the army so they furloughed many of them back to their homes.  They did this to save money because they didn't have to feed them and they didn't pay soldiers while they were on furlough. 
      We seem to have lost Christine in this discussion but when she returns, I see that IR 67 fought in the Seven Weeks war in the Army of the North which fought against Prussia.  IR67 was in the IV armee Corps in Erzherzog Joseph's Brigade.  IR 67 was known as the Ritter Von Schmerling Regiment.  It fought in two battles in the war.  The first battle was at Schweinschadel which was a minor engagement but the second was at Koniggratz which was the decisive battle of the war which Austria lost.  Anyway, there is quite a bit written about these battles and this war so if you are interested, I can give you some references.  You should also be able to find Thomas' personnel records in IR67.

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      And now I see that Carl also offered his expertise. See, Christine, you've come to the right place! Hope to see you here often. :-)

      ~ Julie Michutka

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