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37015RE: Distinct Titles for Postings

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  • kate_inthedesert
    Oct 7, 2013
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      Here's a thought.  How about responding to a post with a new, separate post (not just a reply), and title the message the same as the original PLUS the user ID of the new poster.  Thus, every poster's response would be its own separate msg (topic?), since user IDs are unique.

      Trying to brainstorm here.  I, too, am extremely frustrated and confused by the new "structure".  I'm never sure I've read every response. 



      ---In slovak-roots@yahoogroups.com, <t.salony@...> wrote:

       Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?

       Apparently Carl's suggested tweak has now been used over in the Slovak Spot group. Maybe I'm the only one who tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to make some sense out of  &/or a connection within, a "Conversation"(according to Yahoo's terminology, but what I thought was usually termed a "thread") . I apologize for not quoting specifics, but if anyone looks there at "The Status of Lord" "Conversation"/ topic/thread/ whatever, *maybe* you'll understand what I mean.

       If this doesn't seem to be a problem for others, then so be it.


      p.s. Just to try to be perfectly clear, I am not criticizing individuals, here or there. I'm just so damned frustrated by my confusion.


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       While I guess what you suggest might be some improvement, why not go all the way and suggest EVERYONE start a "New Topic", instead of continually hijacking a thread?

      Unless I'm totally not understanding yahoo groups (even more so than I've always admitted), merely changing  the wording in the "Subject: _____________"  is still going to have totally unrelated posts under the original "Subject"...isn't it?


      ---In slovak-roots@yahoogroups.com, <carl.kotlarchik@...> wrote:

      The new Yahoo groups format has created a number of problems.  One problem is that a subject title that has been used before brings up all the previous postings with that title with some going back many years.  For example, the thread with the title of "Ship manifests" brings up 72 postings many of which are totally unrelated to each other.  Consequently, it has become very difficult to follow the replies to a new query.  So, it would be very helpful if members would use distinct subject titles for their postings that include specific family names, locations or something else that would make it unique.
      Thank you for your assistance in this matter,
      Carl Kotlarchik, moderator for Slovak Roots
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