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3689Re: Mitrisin Surname

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  • frankur@att.net
    May 2, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "Dale Karaff" <dkaraff@i...> wrote:
      > Dear Debbie,
      > I am trying to make a connection to the Mitrisin surname in Banske.

      > My great great great grandfather had the name Mitrisin (majtryszyn),
      > Michael. This is the name reported on the death certificate with a
      > middle name of Karif written in the middle of the first and last
      > name, sort of an after thought. It has been told that his father, a
      > Mitrisin, died and his mother remarried a Karaff. He then adopted
      > the Karaff surname and all his progeny have that name. He had a
      > George (b 1 Jan, 1846) and he married a Mary Schultz(b. 1855). They
      > had two children, my grandfather, Michael and a daughter named Anna.

      > They all immigrated to the US and settled in southcentral Iowa. My
      > grandfather, Michael married Mary Sisak from the village of Juskova
      > Vola', SK and it was reported that grandfather Michael was from
      > Vechec, just up the road. I have been unable to locate any
      > Mitrisin's or Karaff's from there. We did locate a Mitrisin grave
      > Banske and also another S'ulc grave there in Banske. We have not
      > any luck in researching my grandfathers sites. I also don't know
      > they would have recorded the adoption of ggg grandfather, Michael.
      > If at all. I am sure there would have been birth, death and
      > records of the events, but I have not ordered the microfilm for the
      > Banske area.
      > I have the seen the LDS microfilm on Juskova Vola' and Vechec, but
      > have not seen any records except for my grandmother's people, the
      > Sisak's.
      > I would appreciate any help you may have on the Mitrisin, Karaff
      > surnames.
      > Thank you
      > Dale Karaff

      Don't know your surnames.

      Vechec (Sv) Vehéc (H) is located in the Vranov nad Topl'ou area.
      You read the LDS microfilms for R.C. records (1789-1899) for
      Juskova Vol'a and Vechec ?
      Vechec has 2 churches.

      Would expect the surname was listed under the grécko-katolícka

      The LDS filmed the G.C. parish church records (1831-1895) for
      C^emerné, Slovakia, formerly Csemernye, Zemplén, Hungary (also called
      Includes Juskova Vol'a, Slovakia, formerly Juszkó-Volya, Zemplén
      Megye, Hungary; Vranov, Slovakia, formerly Varannó, Zemplén Megye,
      Hungary and Vechec, Slovakia, formerly Vehécz, Zemplén Megye, Hungary.
      Text in Hungarian, Latin and Ruthenian.
      film #


      Frank Kurcina
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