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  • ktlrchk
    Sep 25, 2013
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      I'd be happy to look at your records so send them to me.  What year did your ancestors arrive?  Also, do you know their home village?


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      I am still having issues in locating the arrival of my great uncle Benjamin Bert.   I have his passport application and naturalization records listing his name as Burach Baiet but the ships that he listed on each is different .  Would anyone be willing to look at these two records to see if they can decipher something I am missing.  I have found his 1910,1915,1920,1930 and 1940 census records. Some of them have different spellings of his name. His my big mystery


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      Hi........Just reading this post about ship records have inspired me to try again for the BIG search.


      I have been able to locate my maternal GGgrandparents with last name Gerla and also some others.


      However, even tho I have the passport for my gggrandparents named Josef Krumpholz I have never been able to find a ship record for them.  They lived in Mahren.  Also never have found anything on my gggrandparents named Adolf Socha.  Although family lore says they came from Moravia there are indications that they may have come from Poland.


      If anybody knows anything about these two names please let me know.  Both settled in Texas.....first in Fayette County and then Colorado County and finally Wharton County.


      This group is my favorite read every morning.  So many great people working together.


      Regards........Jan Socha Ammann

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      Emily and Karen,
      My heart goes out to you both. I've been unable to find either of my maternal and paternal grandparents' ship records, even though I have the dates, spellings and village names. My paternal family came from current day Poland (Austria at the time) and my grandfather's name was 'Dimitry (Metro) Drozdak' from Bogusza. I've looked under 'Drozdiak' and Drozdziak' (I learned these were the previous spellings), and used 'sounds like' options with still no luck. My grandmother's (his wife) name was Maria Warholak, from Polany. I've also looked under 'Varholak, Varholiak and Warholiak. My maternal grandparents' were Maria Chaly-Benyo from Volica and my grandfather's name was Michael Sotak from Zbudska Bela (Hungary at the time). I looked under 'Szotak' and still could not come up with ANY that matches him! I can't tell you how many hours I spent looking for their ship records! After so many hours I'll get frustrated, then a month or 2 later I'll go back and try again. This has been going on for several YEARS now with no luck! I can't figure out what I'm doing so wrong that I haven't found ANY of them! The odds of that seem quite rare, especially when I have so much information? ;-) (Although the information isn't in front of me now, I also know they all came to Pennsylvania in 1895 and 1897).

      So I guess we just have to try not to get too frustrated. Since we KNOW they came to the US, we'll HAVE to find them someday, won't we???? :-)

      Gina Drosdak Robertshaw

      Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:36 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


      Hi everyone,
      I was wondering if there were others out there that have had
      serious difficulties with finding relatives on ship manifests. I
      have yet to find one family member, although I do have names and
      immigration dates (via census records).
      I'd be interested to hear how you have broken through the dead
      silence to find individuals.:)

      Emily Rusnak

      Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:31 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

      "karen lovadina" lovadina_karen

      I have never been able to find anyone either and I have a month and year for one ancestor.
      I'm assuming it is the spelling of the surname

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