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36793Re: [S-R] Is this a slovak name?

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  • Elaine Powell
    Sep 19, 2013
      Thanks for sharing your experience, Judy! 
      Great advice!


      On Sep 19, 2013, at 7:34 AM, <hogelj@...> wrote:


      Just a slight clarification on the Pgh Diocese  records search. 


      Along with your request, you submit $15 to cover the first hour of research.  But you also tell them how many hours you are willing to pay for should the search require any more than one hour.  If the search does take longer, then they will continue searching using whatever time they need of the time allotment you gave them.  They will then send you a bill for the remaining hours of searching. You must pay that before you get your results.  That way you really don't have any surprising bills at the end; you already told them your limit. If you jump the gun and send in more than the initial $15 they require to start a search, they will take whatever amount over the $15 and consider that a "donation" and it will not cover any research beyond the first hour.  So don't send any more than $15 with your request!


      In my experience, they have used whatever time I gave them permission to use, never less :-)  But I must say, having searched the Slovakia church records myself, the amount of time they used seemed very reasonable.  Also having done research myself, I had a pretty good idea of what time limit I thought was reasonable.  The Diocese Archive department has all of the past sacramental records for the Pittsburgh Diocese, so you just tell them nationality, neighborhood and any facts you already know and they will know what church books to search.  That saves you all the work in trying to find what church to contact and trying to get a response from that parish, if it even still exists.  One final thought about the value of their research...they gave me information that I would never have been able to obtain any other way.  As the saying goes...receiving information not available anywhere else...priceless!





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      I probably can get the newspaper obit but doubt that it would give me any additional information. We had/have  a local Greensburg Paper. Many issues are online but not any around the days of the accident.  I know our library and local college have the paper on microfilm and probably have a complete set.   I do have his funeral records.  Irene died around 1924 and he remarried in 1931 and died in 1939 while still married to his second wife. The funeral records list nothing about his first wife.  I do have the newspaper obits of his 3 children from Irene but there is nothing listed there either.

      I even got his 2nd marriage records from the courthouse in Greensburg, Pa where it says he was married before and it resulted in death but no name/date was given.  Just says former marriage was dissolved by death.

      I guess I'll send a request to the Pgh Diocese and give them what info I have.  They only will do 1 hour research at a time then you have to submit a 2nd request.  If you send in enough money ($15.00/hr) for 2 hours, they only do 1 hour and keep all the money.  The Pgh Diocese does Washington and Green Counties and the Greensburg Diocese does Fayette County.  

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      Thanks for sharing this info, Brenda. I realized I should order some PA death certificates also!

      I may have accidently posted an earlier version of
      this message, in case it didn't appear, you could try
      searching on one of the newspaper databases. I've found some articles about southwestern PA in the one at our local Family History Center, but a library may have some software for that also. Car accidents/deaths would be big news in a local newspaper, or might even make something like the Pittsburgh Press. 


      On Sep 17, 2013, at 5:53 PM, <breny@...> wrote:



      I had to send $10.00 to County of Washington, Office of Register of Wills to have them search for a marriage license.  I gave them the information I mentioned in my previous post and they wrote back and said that "I count not locate a marriage record for Peter Miklish & Irene Kromar.  Marriage records are recorded in the county where you applied, not where you were married"

      It was similar for Green county.  I went to their web page http://www.co.greene.pa.us/secured/gc2/depts/lo/coc/coc.htm   and called the number there.  They told me to send the information to their address with a $10.00 fee.  I did that last week and I'm waiting to hear from them.

      I also contacted Allegheny county.  They have an online form you submit with a credit card for only $4.00. I sent that in on 9/6  and they say it takes around 10 days so I should hear something soon on that.

      Tomorrow I'll call the Pgh Diocese and ask them if they would have the church records for Washington & Green county.  I would think that if he was in Washington county in 1917 single and then had his first child in 1919 in Washington county, that he would have gotten married there.  I'm also not able to find any census for 1920 for him :(   He died in 1939 due to being hit by a car so he wasn't around for WWII.


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      Brenda, thanks for the update. Looks like you've got some good lines of research going. Have you found his draft registration for WWII? He may have moved by then. 

      I believe all the Roman Catholic Churches in SW PA would be in the Pittsburgh Diocese. 

      How did you arrange to have someone at the Greene County Courthouse research a marriage record? I didn't realize they provided that service! Thanks for sharing the steps you've taken!


      On Sep 17, 2013, at 1:43 PM, <breny@...> wrote:


      Thanks for the info.  I'll check out some of those sources. What I know is that on his WWI Registration he is in Fredericktown, Wash County as single in 1917.  He had 3 children.  The first born in 1918 in Millsboro, Washington County, the second birth place unknown and the third in Nemacolin, Green County in 1922.

      I was told his wife died when the third child was about 2 years old.  I have confirmation from Washington County that they found no record of the marriage.  I am currently waiting to hear from Green County if they find any record.  

      I know he is in Westmoreland County in 1931 and he remarried here.   They were Roman Catholic(although his father was Greek Catholic)  Would Washington/Green/Fayette county all fall under the Pittsburgh Diocese?   

      I have also searched the Pa death database for an Irene that died during the years of 1922 to 1930. The only thing close was an Irene MIkulis who died in 1924 in Edwardsv1 (no idea where that is)  I have sent in for that death record and am waiting for it.  Although it's not a great match, I didn't want to leave any stones unturned.

      I will let you know if I find anything.

      Thanks again,


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      I am also from southwestern Pennsylvania, with Slovak roots. My mother's grandfather worked as a yard boss in a coke (from coal) plant in Fayette County PA, east of Greene County and south of Washington County. I am not as familiar with Washington County genealogical resources, but I believe there was not as much actual mining there as there was in Greene and Fayette Counties. 

      Others on this forum can help you with the surname. What I would suggest first is that you contact the Cornerstone Genealogical Society in nearby Greene County PA (phone # is 724 627-5653, open generally from 1:00 to 4:00) in Waynesburg PA. Waynesburg is the county seat of Greene County, which has quite a few mining towns. Cornerstone has an extensive collection of obituaries from local newspapers, and they may be able to find something on your family name or recommend other places you could try. 

      Nearby Fayette County also has a library I have visited, and they have a card catalog with names
      of many families in that area. You could google for info on the name of that library. I think that will
      be a key resource for you. 

      I also found tax records in the courthouse at Uniontown PA, the Fayette County seat. I made copies of some tax records there, and someone there may be able to tell you what resources are available. 

      A last comment--In my experience, it may be challenging to find marriage documents. There may be records of marriage licenses at the PA county courthouse that recorded the marriage for legal purposes. Your best option is to try the churches themselves (Do you know if your relatives are Roman or Greek Catholic?) I have some Roman Catholic ancestors in Greene County, so I visited the Catholic Church in Waynesburg, only to learn that the Catholic Church has been consolidating the records, and I believe the western PA records are housed in Pittsburgh PA. You might search for a phone number of the Catholic Diocece there to learn how to request that they research names for you. 

      You have asked a great question--please keep us posted on how your search goes, we can all learn a lot from your progress!


      On Sep 17, 2013, at 7:34 AM, <breny@...> wrote:

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