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  • Sue Martin
    Sep 17, 2013

      That's the correct pronunciation - a as in 'ah'.  Not a as in 'mare', unless you're speaking Italian.




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      Oh come now Villi,

      You have no exclusive on being a vet or being a Slovak. (thanks for the smileys, it put it in context). I can't guess how many Zahorie we may have in the group.

      The object is not to play smarty but to express the pronunciation as simply and directly as possible. I believe we should do it in as standard a fashion as possible so it is recognized when it occurs again. In this case I included all of the vowels - I like to think of the accented letters as totally different letters  of the alphabet, as they represent either longer sounds or totally different sounds than their 'short' counterparts. 

      That was also a reason for including the makcen ( v ) for the consonants.

      It changes the consonant completely, but that is a topic for another posting.


      I believe with your "[Kohmahaharr]" you stuck in an extra syllable for Komár..


      PS. be careful who you send your air force after. My army job was shooting down airplanes, and we were good at it. Then I spent a good part of my civilian career making sure pilots had good landing strips.



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      Pane Amiák [Ah-mee-ahk] alebo Amijak [Ahmee-yahk],

      I try to simplify explanations as well as give pronunciations.  I have never studied Slovak language and my speach is Zahorak dialect. 
      Secondly, I wait for some time before answering so that you smarties can respond but.....
      How dare you try to insult a Slovak Ubited States Air Force vet*;) winking*:) happy*:) happy

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      What language are you talking about? It is simply a long a; an a that is lengthened.

      Copied from a text book,
      - The small / accent mark (dĺžeň - the "lengthener") above a, e, i, y, o, u, l, r makes the sound longer: á, é, í, ý, ó, ú, ĺ, ŕ
      - The small \/ accent mark (mäkčeň - the "softener") above č, ď, dž, ľ, ň, š, ť, ž softens the consonant: It turns a c sound into an English "ch" sounds, a s sound into an English "sh" sound, and so on.
      In e-mails, it is common to not include any accent marks.

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      á means pronounced as [Kohmahaharr] If it were ó it would be Kohohmahrr]. Hope this is understandable.

      Komár means mosquito.


      From: Kathy Ax <kitkat99645@...>
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      I think but not absolutely positive. Ko-Mare. As in horse mare. It's a guess. *:) happy
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      Subject: [S-R] á in a surname (Komár)
      Recently I have come across birth documents on http://www.familysearch.org/ / Slovak records.
      The name is Komar.  Documents spell Komar, with an accent mark above the a . . . Komár.  How does the "accent mark" change the pronunciation?
      comb--mer is how it is pronounced.
      Thank you,

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