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36739RE: Re: [S-R] Re: Can I confirm Slovak migration to Lesser Poland

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  • elevans1
    Sep 13, 2013
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      It seemed to me that for "my" Slovak village, the ONLINE 1869 Census had only the Jewish families, all other families from the microfilm were not online.  I think someone at Jewishgen or someplace may have transcribed or collected those records only, and made them available online?  This has been a while, could be I'm thinking of Ancestry.com's records, and not familysearch.org?  Anyway, my point is, yes, it's possible that the online version is missing items that are on the microfilms.

      ?  EE

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      I reviewed the online version of the 1869 Slovak? Census shortly after viewing the 1869 Hungarian Census film from the LDS, there is much data missing from the online version.  Examples were Houses of the Church/Rectory, #6, #10, and numerous second pages and other Houses.  This was for Film # 2151177 for Felso Laps, Nepszamlalas, Szepes Hungary. 

      As for the RC records, I guess I will have to wait until the Polish Church allows additional microfilming.

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