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  • Alexandra Vargovits
    Sep 3, 2013
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      line 14:  
      date: 1843. february 24th  
      name: Rebrass Anna
      parents: Rebrass János & Bierda Mária
      village: Csaca (Csattza) now Čadca in Slovakia   http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Csaca
      godparents: Kántor József and his wife Anna

      From: moliwart1 <moliwart1@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 10:06 AM
      Subject: [S-R] Re: MOLITORIS Genealogy


      I had written a couple weeks ago about not knowing my father's paternal grandparents but have since found a marriage record of his mother & father. His grandmother's name was not Rozalia (might have been nickname or middle name), it was Mary Bierda. His father's name was Lawrence Molitoris.
      I found Mary Bierda in a record but can't read any of it. Could someone please help. I believe she is the one on line 14. Here is a link to the document:

      The top says, "Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev)ÈadcaÈadcaBaptisms, marriages (Krsty, manželstvá) 1742-1896"
      Thanks for any help you can give.

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