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  • Nick Kerpchar
    Jul 16, 2013
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      Thank you for this link.  I found Romanskis in the Roman Catholic church records for Bukowsko but did not find a baptism for the individual I am looking for.  The family does not know the first names of the great grandparents nor the last name of the great grandmother so that has been a bit of a challenge.  However, I see that Romanski is on the list so that confirms what I found in the RC church records.  Now I need to find Greek Catholic or Russian Orthodox church records for the same area and see if the Romanskis/Romanskys show up there.
      Thank you again for your appreciated help.  Nick

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      Here's a list of surnames from 19th-century Bukowsko



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      My guess is that:
      - the ch is a phonetic spelling of the k;
      - the nu is a misinterpretation of a handwritten w.

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      > Nick,
      > Searching Ellis Island using the Morse gold form yields 329 names indexed as from Bukowska, but zero names indexed as from " Buchonuska ".
      > Zero hits is usually an indication of incorrect spelling/indexing/memory,etc.
      > Care to say where you find Buchonuska?
      > TOM
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      > >
      > > I need help finding the current name for the village of Buchonuska that existed in Galacia during the Austro-Hungarian Empire days. This village was suppose to be just southwest of Sanok. Sanok is now in southeastern Poland. I have tried everyplace I can think of with no results. The family I am looking for that was from Buchonuska is named Romansky (or Romanski).
      > > Thank you for your help, Nick
      > >

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