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36236Re: Josephus Joseph Waradzyn Waradzin Varadzin and WWI

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  • gene62cu
    Jul 8, 2013
      Recent Y chromosome DNA matches have turned up a number of possible ancestral connections with men of Polish descent. Here's the question;

      But I've been advised that my ancestral surname KLADZAN is neither a Slovak nor a Hungarian surname, even though the record shows that my ancestors spoke the Slovak language and were from Old Hungary, the eastern village of VinneBanka, before Old Hungary became present day Slovakia. So what then might my surname be? If VARADZIN is of Polish origin, and given the deeper ancestry results of my DNA tests, I've wondered if KLADZAN might not be a deritive of a Polish surname similar to VARADZIN? And might my Slovak ancestors have migrated to village Vinne at some point in time from what is today Poland?

      Very intriguing always, and what keeps me in the search.

      Eugene Klodzen

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