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  • Julie Mark
    Jul 6, 2013
      Hi Corinne - My great grandfather Stephan RAD'AK was born in a neighboring
      town, Fulianka/Fulyan and later moved to Kapusany with his wife (who was
      from a far away village) and his mother Anna FEDOR Rad'ak. His mother died
      there I believe about 1901/1902, have not been able to find anyone from this
      family in any of the church records for Fulianka - except my great
      grandfather's birth and marriage. I don't recall seeing your names, but I
      do have all the records on my computer from Kapusany. I have not had luck
      finding my family on the 1869 census either.


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      Hi Julie,

      I saw that you had sent for a death record to Kapusany. This is where my
      grandmother and her family were from. Their last name was Bosak/Bozak. Have
      you come across this? What surname are you researching from this village?


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      Subject: [S-R] help with marriage record

      Hello - I need so some help reading a marriage record, actually two that are
      on the same page here:

      > &wc=M
      99C-W8V:723592923> &wc=M99C-W8V:723592923

      **The first one is the first record on the right hand page - marriage
      between Michael Sztegena and Maria Mikula. It looks like his parents names
      are Demetrius and Susana Adamov (does it look like Adamov to you??). Her
      parents are where I'm having trouble - her father is Andreas Mikula and I
      can't quite read the mom's name, Catarina maybe?? And I can't make out the
      last name, looks like Palaz*** ??

      They are all Greek Catholic and I see Ing. everywhere which is farmer,
      right? I can't make out the other place names in the record besides Orlo.
      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

      **2nd record is on the left hand page #1 under the year that looks like
      1859, but I think it's 1839 because the next page is 1840. The marriage is
      between Joannes ???? (that's what I need the help on) and Maria Sztegena.
      Maria's parents are the same as the above record, but I can't make out
      Joannes' parents names. Anything you can read I would appreciate.



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