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  • Miss Joanne E Fletcher
    Jul 5, 2013
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      Hi Peter,

      This is not meant to be offensive to any Slovaks...

      I also experienced this in 1985/1986 - This was in preparation for
      going to Czechoslovakia as it was then, to meet family and actually
      visiting them. A now deceased great aunt of mine (father's paternal
      aunt), stated that certain people were not related, but I repeatedly
      pushed her for more knowledge and found out the names of two people in
      a group photo of elderly Slovak men. One was my great grandfather
      Ignac Humaj, another his brother Stefan. I have since worked out,
      that the rest of them could have been the numerous other brothers.

      On my father's mother's side of of the family, I received a tree from
      a second cousin, which was much appreciated, but again, it only had
      children from the great grandparents, yet when I was in Slovakia in
      1986, I met at least one cousin of my grandmother, whom I called
      "Aunt" as she was my grandmother's cousin, and I didn't feel

      In the family villages, there are shrines with different surnames on
      them. I asked my aunt if they were related - first answer was "no".
      I kept asking if the people who were mentioned on the shrine were more
      distantly related than that of being related to my great grandparents,
      and I found out that yes, they were.

      The younger generations - those born from the 1970's are more willing
      to explore their family back further than great grand parents. It is
      from 2nd and 3rd cousins, that I was able to piece together my
      paternal family tree, minus completing my own branch (descendant wise)
      that I was able to go back to at least one series of 3rd great
      grandparents, but this was a very challenging event to partake in.


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