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36103Re: S-R is on Moderation for a While

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  • Ron
    Jun 17 9:21 PM
      Two suggestions posted at Slovak World that members here may want to consider:


      I also do what you suggested but I put about 5 to 6 icky addresses that sit at the top and also one that sits at the bottom. Knock on wood, it seems to help.

      Barb G

      In a message dated 6/17/2013 3:49:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      lkocik@... writes:


      Thank you for your time and effort.

      This spam is aggressive, almost like a virus, but unlike a virus it's more of a nuisance and embarrassment.

      I tried something I read about and it seems to work.

      The spam attacks your address book and then goes through alphabeticaly
      sending itself to everyone there.

      I entered a phony address in my address book...one that would be first

      I used AAA@abctuliponxyz .com

      When the spam [virus] tries to send it, it gets stuck there and keeps
      trying,...and doesn't go any farther.

      I don't know if this really works [or if contemporary hackers are more

      I am also very cautious where I go online and what I open and/or download.

      ......Just something to consider.

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