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  • bassfantastic
    Jun 7, 2013
      I decided to start a new thread because I didn't want to step on the other thread that was originally for another member.

      I have seen it spelled Miskov and in older records in Cyrillic it's Mishko. Are you aware of any particular events at that time which would prompt them to move to the United States? It's hard to believe things would be worse than a miner here. Actually their youngest son died in a mine accident at age 17.

      In addition to the 3 children that came on the ship with their mother, there were also 2 other births where the child died.I have found the birth and death records for all the children.
      Obviously he was back and forth but for the life of me I can't even find one ship passenger list from him.

      1885 Gyorgy died 1889
      1886 Mary (came on ship)
      1893 Peter (came on ship)
      1897 Anna died 1898
      1899 Nicholas (came on ship)

      Nacina Ves MI/KI zemplín.
      1773 Natafalva, Naczina Wes, 1786 Natafalwa, Nacsina Wes, 1808 Nátafalva,
      Náthafalva, Nacyná Wes, Natiná Wes, 1863â€"1913 Nátafalva, 1920â€" Nacina

      Natafalva is now Nacina Ves in the orkes/district of Michalovce in far Eastern

      In the late 1800’s Magyarization policy where in all records only Hungarian
      can be used caused Slovak surnames and given names to be given a Hungarian
      spelling. So, do not be surprised you may find those names to be spelled
      different prior to Magyarization.

      Peter “Americanized” Miklos to Miklish.

      Mikulas is Slovak for Nicholas. The pronunciation of Mikulas is close enough to Mike to not be surprised that he used that in the USA. Mikulas Miklos would be almost like saying his name was Nicholas Nicholas. Because Miklos is Hungarian for Nicholas. If you saw the surname as Misko, I would suspect that is probably the original before Magyarization.

      It appears that “Mike” was a “commuter” to the USA. The Ship’s
      Manifest had the children’s ages as 15, 9.5 and 3.5. That gaps between Maria and Peter and Miklos seems to show that “Mike” seems to have made three trips to America. On the third he stayed permanently. Normally, you would see children every year or two, so to have such gaps between children makes one suspect two trips back home from America.
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