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35746Re: [S-R] New Member - Scorby/Scerba/Scorba and Bartko

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  • Karin Weiss
    Apr 11 9:47 AM
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      RD -

      Good point about the religion, since I still have no proof of the
      family. I have a busy schedule the next couple days and weekend, but am
      putting a note in my calendar for Monday to make a call or calls to
      Lutheran/Evangelical churches in the Streator area to see what I might
      be able to find.

      And I have ordered the book through ILL - it does look like it should be
      very interesting and quite possibly helpful - especially the references
      - those are often a gold mine. Streator is a town with a fascinating
      history, but I really did not know about the Scottish part of it. That
      is particularly interesting, given that when John got to Washington
      state he married a woman of Scottish descent whose father was also a miner.

      Karin Schuette Weiss

      On 4/10/2013 8:11 PM, rd1995 wrote:
      > Is it possible that there was a Scorby/Scerba/Scorba family back then
      > that was not Roman Catholic? Maybe they were Lutheran or Evangelical?
      > Maybe the baptism records are in another church, even in a nearby town?
      > The way that Jack/John's family hasn't turned up in the Censuses must
      > be frustrating. Could they have lived in another ward of Streator or
      > perhaps even Spring Valley or Braidwood?
      > I stumbled across a book from a university press that, although it is
      > ostensibly trying to discuss how Scottish miners in Streator compared
      > with their cousins in Scotland in the 19th century, the book also has
      > a lot about the mine employers and mix of different ethnic groups as
      > workers in the Streator Illinois area. It's called "Colliers Across
      > the Sea" by John H. M. Laslett.
      > You can see a lot in previews through Amazon: how many Slovaks ended
      > up in the area called "Coalville", how a young Czech Anton Cermak
      > (later Chicago mayor, killed in an assassination attempt on FDR) once
      > lived in Braidwood, how the houses were tinderboxes and burned down
      > often, all the strikes, etc.
      > I think it would be worth asking your local public library to borrow a
      > copy through Interlibrary Loan, if only for background. The book's
      > references might also give you some ideas. For example, I saw a
      > reference to WPA interviews in the book's bibliography, but they don't
      > seem to be digitized in the Library of Congress' small WPA section online.

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