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  • Karin Weiss
    Apr 9, 2013
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      On 4/5/2013 7:13 AM, Margo Smith wrote:
      > Have you considered looking for the obits of John and Mary to see who
      > are listed as their children?

      I did in fact find an obit for Mary Bartko Scorby some time ago. She
      died in 1921 in Streator, Illinois, and there was an obituary in the
      Streator Daily Free Press. According to that, she was survived by her
      husband, John, and by six children - five at home and one daughter in
      Orient, Illinois. The five children at home were George, Steve, John,
      Frank and Rose. That is not our John. That would be a son born in 1902.

      I have baptismal records I obtained from the Peoria Catholic Diocese and
      from St. Michael the Archangel Parish (was St. Stephen Roman Catholic
      Church) for 12 children born to John and Mary. They had three sons
      named John (1886, 1888 and 1902) and two daughters named Mary (1885 and
      1896). The entire family in order: Anna, Maria, John, John, George and
      Theresa (twins), Stephen, Maria, Emma, John, Rose and Frank. I know
      from census records that some of these children died, but don't yet know
      which ones. It is a slow process obtaining records from the Diocese, as
      I can only ask for four at a time. I will be asking for four deaths of
      children next and then I will begin to know more.

      I do know that our John claims he was born in 1886. His draft
      registrations and later census records and death certificate all bear
      that date. John and Mary had a son named John that year. I know of a
      family in my ancestry (a German family) who named six sons Frederick.
      Only one died. They only actually called one Fred. And thus far I
      cannot fit our John into any other Scorby family. So until I see that
      he dies, I guess I've been hanging on to the hope that they chose to
      forget him after he left home. He appears to be the only one who
      strayed very far.

      The Andrew Scorby family had two children - Andrew and Susie.

      Then there was the Joseph and Susan Bartko Scorby family. It appears
      very possible that Joseph Scorby was a brother to John Scorby and Susan
      Bartko may have been a sister to Mary Bartko. I believe they had seven
      children - Anna, Mary, Susanna, Clara, John, Stephen and Agnes. Not
      enough for the photograph.

      I am very much open to suggestions.

      Karin Schuette Weiss.

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      > >Hello. I am new to this group. I am researching my husband's great
      > grandfather's family.
      > >
      > >His great grandfather, John/Jack Scorby was born in Streator,
      > Illinois in 1886 and came to Coquille Oregon in about 1910 after a
      > short stay in Skookumchuck, Washington. In Washington in 1909 he
      > married Rose McGourty. He and Rose had four children - Clara, Edward,
      > Robert, and Ella. They divorced in 1929/1930 and Jack married Jessie
      > Eades Ricketts. He died in 1950.
      > >
      > >No one in the family remembers him saying anything about his family
      > in Streator. The only physical evidence of his past he left is a
      > photograph which is supposed to be of himself with his family. It
      > portrays a family with parents and ten children.
      > >
      > >Thus far I have only been able to find three Scorby/Scerba/Scorba
      > families in Streator during the time he would have been there. I have
      > never found him in a family in any census. I have found a baptismal
      > record from St. Stephen's Catholic Church for a John Scerba born in
      > 1886 (on a different day than he said he was born) to Jan Scerba and
      > Mary Bartko Scerba. John and Mary also have the only family with
      > enough children to populate the photograph we have. But I have no real
      > evidence yet that is his family.
      > >
      > >I have obtained his death certificate and it does not include names
      > of his parents. I will be posting the photo in hopes that maybe
      > sometime someone might recognize it.
      > >
      > >And soon I will have more questions as I do have information about
      > Mary and John and some of their families and want to do some research
      > on them - hoping that they really are his family.
      > >
      > >Thank you.
      > >Karin Schuette Weiss
      > >Tigard, Oregon
      > >
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