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35723RE: [S-R] Re: Need help translating an occupation comment on the 1869 census

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  • Armata, Joseph R
    Apr 9, 2013
      I think the word is "wymince" instead of "winice". Modern spelling uses v instead of w. "Zyje ve vimince u deti" means he's retired and living with his children, in a room or part of a room or maybe a small adjoining cottage that the children own. Elderly parents would pass on their property to their children, but retain the right to live there for the rest of their lives.


      it is written in Czech and Slovak. Probably the writer was Czech who tried to write in Slovak. It is mix.
      The occupation : ZIJI VE VINICE U DETI means approximately: "lives of the vineyard at the children".

      The second column from the end VIE / NEVIE means : "can/ can not" (write and read)

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      Hi Judy,

      It seems to be written in Slovak.I don't know Slovak but it looks very similar to Czek or Polish in this sentence. It should mean that she is a widow living at her children's home ( with them and her grand children).

      Hope that will help.
      Have a good day


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      > Hoping that someone can help me translate a comment on an 1869 census in the occupation column. The comment is for the first person listed, "Katty Wolek" It seems to start with "Lyë _ve vim..., but I can't make out the rest.
      > The person recording the information generally uses Slovak in the comments, but I've been told that the occupation and status vocabulary seem to be more archaic and perhaps Polish in origin, even though this is for a village in western current-day Slovakia.
      > This is the link.
      > https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1961-28474-15022-25?cc=1986782&wc=MMRC-CBD:n925413214
      > Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might be able to give.
      > Judy

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