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35715Re: [S-R] Luknar/Kassa family photos

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  • MGMojher
    Apr 8 8:49 AM
      From my experience studio photographs that were not of an event like a wedding are difficult to “read.” The photographs were taken to show people back home how well their relative or friend was doing in America. Very often people from the same village followed one another to America. This resulted in photographs being taken with those from the same village, but not necessarily being relatives. This could be the case for the three men photograph. On my trip to Slovakia I have experienced family members there pointing out that people in a photograph were not family members, but from the village. These photographs were often a literal “set-up”, because the studio would provide the clothes to make the individuals appear to be prospering in America.
      It is easy to presume that the two unknown men in the photograph have some relation to the Luknar family. Without knowing who they are it is impossible to know their relationship. Since it is a family photograph one would think they are relatives of some nature. But then again they could be just friends from the same village.
      My interpretation of the wedding picture. It is significant that your Julie Luknar is between the older man and the groom. As you notice there is young man seated between the bride and the older woman. I would say that Julie is the bridesmaid. On closer look the old man and woman appear to be the brides’ parents. The older woman and the bride have the appearance of being mother and daughter. The others in the photograph seem to be the siblings of the bride and groom to a great extent. There are some shared features that one would presume they are from the same family.

      From: angela
      Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 7:30 AM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [S-R] Luknar/Kassa family photos

      Hi all,

      I posted 3 photos in Luknar/Kassa Family album in the off-chance someone might be able to recognize people in the photos. We're looking at the Fayette County, PA area again.

      I'm also looking for suggestions based on the context of the photos. In the family photo with the Luknar family and two unknown men, is it likely that these would be siblings of the parents? I only know of Ernestina Kassa-Luknar having one brother (Jan Kassa) in the US and he went back to Slovakia in the early 1910s so I don't think it can be him. Michael Luknar did have a brother Jozef Luknar who came to Pennsylvania but I have nothing about him besides a birth record and ship manifest record - so I'm not sure if he could be in the photo. Even if it is him, it doesn't explain who the other man is.

      In the wedding photo, 2 of the Luknar children are present (that I know of). Julia Luknar is seated between the older man and the groom. Is this significant? We have no idea who the couple is that is getting married or how they might be related to the Luknars/Kassas. Any idea why there are so many children and younger people in the photo and only 2 adults? Can I infer anything based on the position of the people in the photo? I'm not sure when the photo was taken, but Julia Luknar was born in 1912 and her brother Michael 3rd from left in the back was born in 1914, so based on how old they look I'm placing it in the very late 1920s at the earliest.

      Thanks everyone!

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