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35373Re: [S-R] New "Street Views" on Slovakia Google Maps now available

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  • lrrykck
    Mar 8, 2013

        I remember very well,  the thread on house numbers...

       I also remember your comments on the subject....

       Up until then I was also fairly certain , that house numbers, being sequential, could not be altered.
      I have to wonder if the instance you mention, where the mayor took the liberty to change the order, was something isolated, or if it could have happened in other villiages.

       The instance of the fire and all the later built houses having to change also makes no sense...so like you advise, it's prudent to take this data with a grain of salt.   

        About the Google "Street view", do you know a way to capture and save  an image?

       In my ancestral village I was able to actually see faces of people on the streets.

         T hanks again M ichael, for your advice on house numbers.

      Larry Kocik 


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          You cannot assume that the house of today is where the house in the 1800’s stood. As part of the discussion on house numbers I found that their assignment can change. I pointed out how in one village the new mayor decided to arbitrarily change the numbering system. Another instance was when a house burned down and was not rebuilt it created a gap in the consecutive numbering system of the houses. To correct that every house with a higher number had to lower the house number by one to keep the count correct.
          In Slovakia you will see building with two numbers on them. One number is the street address. The second is number tells you what number the building was built in town. So 82/1476 the 82 is the street number and it was the 1476th building constructed. This system is only used in larger towns from what I observed.
          Make no assumptions about house numbers. As in genealogy, you need the record to confirm the fact. It was too bad that city hall map records were not filmed and put online.

      From: Judy
      Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 8:27 AM
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      Thanks Michael for your caution against putting too much weight in the numbers on the current houses. I do recall the past SR discussions about the house numbers. From the looks of most of the homes, I didn't think that they would have been the actual homes from the 1800; they were just too current. But I did assume that a current-day house with a certain number would have simply replaced a much older home with the same number on that spot. So that a current house #17 would be on the spot that an 1800 house #17 would have been.

      It was still wonderful to see the villages as they are now - how the houses are situated so closely to the road, the overall size of the village, where the church was, apparent scarcity of businesses, the overall look as far as vegetation, hills, mountains etc.


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      > Judy,
      > My ancestral village, Hromos, was filmed by Google Earth in 5/2012. It has been three years since I was there last. It was great to “drive” through the village and see what is new.
      > In the past we had an in-depth discussion about house numbers in Slovakia. One has to take the numbers “with a grain of salt”, since the location with the house number now can be way off from what it was during those 1800’s records. The only way to know for sure is to go to the village/town City Hall and see if they have a map that covers the years of the records.
      > Also, the house that is on the lot today is more likely something new. During the 1800’s the square log cabin style house was the standard. Eventually, those were covered in plaster. I had the “romantic” view of those log cabins when I got to Slovakia for the first time. The Mayor of Hromos lived in one, so I asked him about them. He told me that they were usually rebuilt every 50 years. He didn’t think any in Hromos was built before the 1950’s. Dry rot and termites were the biggest enemy of those log cabins.
      > From: Judy
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      > Subject: [S-R] New "Street Views" on Slovakia Google Maps now available
      > Never before did I have "street view" available on Google Maps for my villages. I don't know exactly when this change happened, but the street view option is now available for the main road (highway 51 and highway 590) and some side streets into my villages allowing me get a pretty good view of what my villages look like now. Whith the close up viewer you can actually see the house numbers if they face that street. Maybe some of you have always had this before, but it is a wonderful change for me. Great for those of us who have not had the opportunity to travel there in person. If you did not have a "street view" of your village before, maybe you have the addition now too.
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