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35346Some progress for Georgius Mraffko with updated online databases

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  • htcstech
    Feb 28 3:35 AM
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      Hello All,

      In a previous recent post I found a possible ancestor or at least an
      ancestral branch. He was Georgius Mraffko - otherwise Mraffkó György
      There was enough information in his children's birth records to show that
      he was of civic importance. - eg a lawyer and perhaps later a Lord in
      Bratislava and afterwards in Budapest.
      So I started looking and found mention of him at AdatbázisokOnline.
      This only a catalogue entry, and gives me good hope of finding more about
      When you click through and read the notes in full, it states in part that
      the information it could provide includes *(with reference to the nobility)
      ~ This is google translated:

      1 / - to the conventional I-line, pre-and surname,
      - Give the name of the wife of conventional,
      - Names of descendants and their spouses,
      - I give the conventional siblings and their spouses and descendants of
      - Different surnamed relatives, or give their conventional peers and
      spouses, descendants of names
      2 / - deed of gift to the publisher's name,
      - The place of publication,
      - The date of issue,
      - The type of donation,
      3 / - to be announced at diploma,
      - The time of publication,
      4 / - donated land for the donated land title and department,
      5 / - National Archives of symbols,
      6 / - a reference to the classification number under the type of source,
      7th / - a reference to the literature,
      8 / - reference to the county town and the church - of authentication - for
      archival classification number,
      9 / - a reference to family relatives, associates or I-bar.

      That's very detailed and could be a great resource. Sounds interesting and
      it will be on my shopping list!

      AdatbázisokOnline is a fast growing resource. About 6 months ago, they had
      only digitized the 1715 and 1720 searchable tax records. Now, it contains
      many collections and is easily reachable (Mon-Fridays, some weekends except
      public holidays) at:

      Hungarian only. The site isn't too user friendly and would suit moderately
      experienced database researchers.

      Playing around with it, I also found a 1601 resource (product) census of
      many villages and towns of principally Hapsberg controlled areas. You do
      have to know the very early names of your town for the search to work
      though. I had to use a neighbouring village name that didn't change too
      much to bring my village name up.
      Peter M.

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