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  • Deborah
    Feb 28, 2013
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "t.salony" <t.salony@...> wrote:
      > Deborah,
      > [ pssst....what was your grandfather's given name? lol ]
      > >>> "...but I finally found him..." <<<
      > Does this mean you found his arrival manifest? >
      > >>> "... he was born out of wedlock in 1982..." <<<
      > Is "1982" a typo = should have been 1882", OR a transposition =
      should have been "1892"?
      > *** Are you familiar with St. Clair, Pa as destination for any of the
      family? For example:
      > CZUTIK, Jakob, 18 y.o., leaving his grandmother, Anna Czutik, in
      Klubin, arriving Apr.18, 1911 to stepfather, Josef ?Harsava? in St.
      Clair, Pa
      >>>>Yes, I did transpose that number... it should have been 1892 !!! I
      am so glad that was caught!!! And yes, after ten years of searching,
      I did find the manifest and it was the same one you mentioned. I have
      found the Birth/ Baptismal records for him, Jacobus Csutek, and his
      mother, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
      When Anna came to America, she shortly married Joseph Warsava and lived
      in St Clair, PA. I cannot find the marriage certificate anywhere, and I
      finally found their census in St Clair in 1900 and 1910 ( the 1900's
      census, the name was pretty illegible, but everthing else fit) They had
      a large family there. The name Warsava was changed several times.
      Warshour Varshour, Warshaeva, Warshous, were altenate spellings on the
      names of their children's marriage liscensces. I have not yet found all
      of these children. And I have found no records for Annie. the present
      families have no photos of her<<<<

      > By concentrating your questioning in the old country, you make it
      difficult for anyone to help you find info/clues still available in the
      new country. :)
      >>>>I am sorry about not giving enough info on present day Families.
      Annie had at least 7 siblings. Maria, Andreas Josephus, Appolonia,
      John, Catharina and Steve . We know that Maria married a Paul
      Cziko,(Sr.) and their son, Paul (Jr) came to America and changed the
      spelling to Chiko. They lived in the Belmont county/Pease county area
      of Ohio. After living shortly in St Clair, Jacob, my grandfather moved
      to this area living by his cousin Paul, his Uncle John and his Uncle
      Steve in Lansing/Bridgeport Ohio. Later John and Steve would change
      thier name to Shudic, While my grandfather spelled it Shutek. We do not
      know what happened to his Uncle Andreas, or Josephus, or his Aunt
      Appolonia. We know that Catherina and Steve came together to St Clair
      and their contacts were the Warsawa's, but although Steve moved to Ohio,
      We do not know what happened to Catherina after she came here. I did not
      think anybody would have been interested in these facts but if these
      help with finding more about him, I am glad to share!
      Thank you SO much on your help, it is much appreciated!!!<<<<

      > TOM
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Deborah" dljillustrations@
      > >
      > > Thanks to everybody for all their help with materials to help me
      > > some of my Grandfathers family. The name was mangled on the
      > > but I finally found him after years of hitting my head on a brick
      > > They came from Klubina, Trencin district, and the original spelling
      > > Csutek. they were a VERY large family there so I have a lot of
      > > together to do.
      > > My grandfathers mother was Anna Csutek he was born out of wedlock
      > > 1982 and for an unknown reason as of yet, she left him shortly
      after in
      > > his grandparents care While she went to America. I cannot find her
      > > manifest yet. His grandparents were Georgeus Csutek and Anna
      > > He didn't come to America until he was 19. He never talked about
      > > old country, so I am just now finding much of this out.
      > > It seems there are still a lot of Csutek's in Stara Bystrica nearby.
      > > there is anybody who can tell me more about Trencin county, Klubina,
      > > Stara Bystrica or the name Csutek (and variations) or Kaluszny (
      > > Kausney, Kaluzney, etc) I would be SO grateful.
      > > I think I am finally getting the hang of genealogy, And it just
      > > me want to learn more.
      > > Thank you SO much!
      > > Deborah
      > >
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