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  • Gina
    Feb 16, 2013
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      Rather than using Google or another translator to help, you can just click
      on the 'EN' on the top right on the page. It will take you to their English
      translation page.

      Thanks for sharing this great new resource! I can't wait till March!


      1a Polish genealogical sources
      > Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:24 am (PST) . Posted by: "CurtB" curtbocha <curt67boc@...?subject=Re%3A%20Polish%20genealogical%20sources>
      > For those interested in Polish genealogy or work in the Slovak Spis
      > villages in Southern Poland there is good news. The Polish State Archives
      > has announced that they are going to put both historical church and many
      > other civil records online so they can be perused by users internationally
      > and without charge. They will not be indexed by personal name (at least
      > initially) but locatable by place name and group, quite similar to how we
      > first examined Slovak church records inthe family history library..
      > The first group will go online in March of this year, the second group in
      > June, and then more to follow.
      > Here is the statement of the archives, and though in Polish you can paste
      > it into a translator like google and get a fair translation.
      > Click on the upper left note that says Plany Publikacji...etc . Plan of
      > publication...
      > http://nac.gov.pl/
      > or you may just want to go to the list of villages which will go online in
      > March. The citation is in the middle of the document mentioned above but
      > you can get to it directly. The name of the village is in the far right
      > column.
      > http://nac.gov.pl/files/D%27ASC1_02_2013v.3.pdf
      > Curt B.

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