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  • davidsadventure4
    Feb 15, 2013
      Dear Kurt:

      Thank you for sharing about what appears to be an awesome and excellent
      resource for those of us who also have ancestors in Southern Poland. For
      those, like myself, who do not speak Polish fluently, I would highly recommend
      using GOOGLE.COM as your browser when you input the main page at
      _http://nac.gov.pl/_ (http://nac.gov.pl/) because GOOGLE.COM can translate the page
      for you into English. I am just starting to look through the site, and I
      hope and pray that church records from around the KROSNO area of POLAND are
      there. Now, if I can only find someone who knows military history and can
      determine the type of uniform that my great grandfather FRANTISCEK MOSKAL
      wore in World War I, I would be very happy.

      Thank you again, Kurt! Dobry den!

      Best regards,


      In a message dated 2/15/2013 2:24:13 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      curt67boc@... writes:

      For those interested in Polish genealogy or work in the Slovak Spis
      villages in Southern Poland there is good news. The Polish State Archives has
      announced that they are going to put both historical church and many other
      civil records online so they can be perused by users internationally and
      without charge. They will not be indexed by personal name (at least initially)
      but locatable by place name and group, quite similar to how we first examined
      Slovak church records inthe family history library..

      The first group will go online in March of this year, the second group in
      June, and then more to follow.

      Here is the statement of the archives, and though in Polish you can paste
      it into a translator like google and get a fair translation.
      Click on the upper left note that says Plany Publikacji...etc . Plan of

      _http://nac.gov.pl/_ (http://nac.gov.pl/)

      or you may just want to go to the list of villages which will go online in
      March. The citation is in the middle of the document mentioned above but
      you can get to it directly. The name of the village is in the far right


      Curt B.

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