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  • Sue Martin
    Feb 2, 2013
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      Have you checked records of Szepes-Ofalu? I believe that's the earlier name of Spisska Nova Ves.


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      My gg-grandmother's name (found on the birth records of her children and on her death record) was Anna Petrustsak. The first record of her is the birth of her first child in Spisska Nova Ves in 1837. She had 10 children all born in Spisska Nova Ves. Her husband, Samuel Pollak was born in 1815 in SPisske Podhradie and he was Evangelical (Anna was Roman Catholic). There is no record of her marriage (probably in 1835 or 1836)in either religion in Spisska Nova Ves or SPisske Podhradie.

      Anna's husband died in 1877 and Anna died in 1900. Her death record states that she came from what is now Vlkova and her father came from Vlkovce. Neither place showed a Petrustsak being born in the mid 1810's

      I have looked (on-line) through most of the records in the Spis area with no luck.

      The birth records of all of her children and the death record of her husband are on-line. I photographed the death record which is in Hungarian. A friend had translated it for me. The only thing that was not translatable was her occupation. It is not in any Hungarian dictionary but my friend told me it was a person that was a capitalist who had enough money to invest and live off of the profits.

      Any suggestions?
      Bob Pollak

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      Why don't you give us her name & details. Who knows? Someone may know something. It's worth a shot. Dumb luck kicks in every now and then!

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      On Jan 31, 2013, at 6:50 PM, Robert Pollak [mailto:rjp4053%40yahoo.com] rjp4053@...> wrote:

      > I have given up trying to find information on my gg-grandmother. Can anyone suggest a good genealogist in the Spis region?
      > I know a lot about my gg-grandmother but I don't know where she was born or where she was married. After looking at films and visiting the area several times with no luck, I am ready to turn it over to a Pro.
      > Bob Pollak
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