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  • htcstech
    Feb 2, 2013
      Hello Robert,
      Not wanting to waste your time or efforts, but I want to clarify how early
      you have gone back searching for Anna's father in Vlkovce prior to 'the mid
      1810's'? On that, were there any Petrustsak (Petruscsak-Petrusczak) at all
      in the village? That would help determine if the family's home town was
      Vlkovce or not.
      Another consideration is that Anna married an Evangelical. There is a
      tradition of sorts that still occurs in some places, that the female
      children are baptised Catholic, while the males are baptised Evangelical
      (Calvanist/Lutheran) in mixed marriages. This came about as a reaction to
      the counter-reformation. Anna's father may of been born a Lutheran and
      married a Catholic.
      Any results looking for Anna's mother?
      If you are satisfied that there's nothing much more you can do, then a
      professional is a good idea.

      Peter M.

      On 3 February 2013 06:39, Robert Pollak <rjp4053@...> wrote:

      > **
      > My gg-grandmother's name (found on the birth records of her children and
      > on her death record) was Anna Petrustsak. The first record of her is the
      > birth of her first child in Spisska Nova Ves in 1837. She had 10 children
      > all born in Spisska Nova Ves. Her husband, Samuel Pollak was born in 1815
      > in SPisske Podhradie and he was Evangelical (Anna was Roman Catholic).
      > There is no record of her marriage (probably in 1835 or 1836)in either
      > religion in Spisska Nova Ves or SPisske Podhradie.
      > Anna's husband died in 1877 and Anna died in 1900. Her death record
      > states that she came from what is now Vlkova and her father came from
      > Vlkovce. Neither place showed a Petrustsak being born in the mid 1810's
      > I have looked (on-line) through most of the records in the Spis area with
      > no luck.
      > The birth records of all of her children and the death record of her
      > husband are on-line. I photographed the death record which is in
      > Hungarian. A friend had translated it for me. The only thing that was not
      > translatable was her occupation. It is not in any Hungarian dictionary but
      > my friend told me it was a person that was a capitalist who had enough
      > money to invest and live off of the profits.
      > Any suggestions?
      > Bob Pollak
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      > Why don't you give us her name & details. Who knows? Someone may know
      > something. It's worth a shot. Dumb luck kicks in every now and then!
      > Jan
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      > On Jan 31, 2013, at 6:50 PM, Robert Pollak rjp4053@...> wrote:
      > > I have given up trying to find information on my gg-grandmother. Can
      > anyone suggest a good genealogist in the Spis region?
      > >
      > > I know a lot about my gg-grandmother but I don't know where she was born
      > or where she was married. After looking at films and visiting the area
      > several times with no luck, I am ready to turn it over to a Pro.
      > >
      > > Bob Pollak
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