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35058Re: [S-R] POLLAK: Occupation and Birthplace translation

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  • MGMojher
    Jan 21, 2013
      Vlková KK/PV spiš. po 1892 pričl. o. Levkovce.
      1773 Farkasfalva, Farinkstorff, Farkowcze, 1786 Farkaschfalwa, Farksdorf, Farkassowce, 1808 Farkasfalva, Farksdorf, Farkassowce, 1863–1892 Farkasfalu, 1895–1898 Farkasfalulökfalu, 1900–1902 Farkasfalulök, 1907–1913 Farkasfalva, 1920 Farkašovce-Levkovce, 1927–1948 Farkašovce, 1948– Vlková
      Levkovce: 1808 Lefkócz, Fladensdorf, Lefkowce, 1863–1882 Lefkóc, 1888 Levkóc, 1892 Lök

      Levkovce was incorporated into Vlkova in 1892.

      From: Sue Martin
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      According to the gazetteer I have, Farkasfalu is now Vlkova, in Slovakia.


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      I think this mail got lost somehow. I'm forwarding it to the group.

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      Hello All,
      I uploaded the death certificate on Bob Pollak's behalf.
      He can't make out the occupation for Pollak Samu-ne. I read it as
      tőkepénzes which translates (according to my old Hungarian dictionary) as
      'Capitalist' otherwise 'Stockholder'.

      She was also born in Farkasfalu which I believe is now Levkovce:
      [http://www.cisarik.com/0_Levkovce_Kezmarok_PV_Szepes_Spis.html%5d http://www.cisarik.com/0_Levkovce_Kezmarok_PV_Szepes_Spis.html

      Can someone else can confirm these details?


      Peter M

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      > Description : Pollak_Petruscsak Anna Death Certificate
      > You can access this file at the URL:
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