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34971Re: [S-R] Re: Missing Online 1869 Census Records have restrictions

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  • htcstech
    Jan 4, 2013
      That's what I thought too, that there are already Zemplen records online
      and Dubravka missed out for some reason.
      Maybe an email to the Presov archive requesting them to allow the LDS to
      put it online might be a strategy. The LDS and Curt have suggested that the
      archive custodians have restricted access. I think it is your right to ask
      I'm waiting for Pozsony megye to come online, although I would want the
      whole of the pre-Trianon territories in a perfect world, fully and
      accurately indexed :) I haven't yet started on my mother's side and they
      stretch from Romania to the Ukraine. Maybe in another lifetime.

      Peter M.

      On 4 January 2013 23:55, John <johnqadam@...> wrote:

      > **
      > >>> None of the 1869 census records that are in the Presov archive
      > covering the Zemplin territory villages have been approved for online
      > status. <<<
      > That's not quite correct. SOME of the ZEMPLEN Megye films are available
      > online. Because my particular interest is Dubravka, which is not online, I
      > used it as an example in my query to LDS.
      > I have not surveyed the online films to determine what proportion is
      > currently online. Nor have I checked other counties for completeness of
      > online listings.

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