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34790Re: Help with birth location

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  • bassfantastic
    Dec 5, 2012
      I have not been able to find any census except for the 1910. I do have the funeral record of Peter and his father Nicholas (who is called Michael in some places) I also have both Nicholas & Peter's certificate of Death. The place of birth always seems to be Austria. I do know that my late husband and his father (Theodore Sr & Jr) always said they were Slovak. Here is the line I have:

      Nicholas (Michael) 1861 Austria - 1940 USA
      Peter Miklish 1892 Austria - 1939 USA
      Theodore Miklish Sr 1918 USA - 1981 USA
      Theodore Miklish Jr 1950 USA - 2008 USA (My late husband)

      Peter also had a sister named Mary and a brother named Nicholas (according to the 1910 census) In that census the father Nicholas is listed as Mike. His funeral records and death certificate does have Nicholas.

      They lived in the Forbes Road area of Greensburg and then in New Alex and Crabtree area of Greensburg. I can't find any other census.

      Here are links to my web site where I uploaded the Census and funeral records
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