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34744Re: looking for my great-grandfather, great-grandmother birth records

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  • John
    Nov 30, 2012
      >>> My Great-Grandfather Josef Rubacky was born on 19 Jul 1868 in Zborov,Saris,Slovakia was the son of Josef Rubaczky and Maria Matusovits. <<<

      Have you researched the following ONLINE RC church records?

      Inv. c. 1532
      Krsty 1861-1872

      >>> My Great-Grandmother Anna Superka was born on 26 July 1880 in Dubovica, Slovakia was the daughter of John Superka and Anna Mortonak. <<<

      Inv. c. 237
      Krsty 1853-1879
      Manželstvá 1853-1886
      Krsty 1879-1886
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