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34733Re: [S-R] Re: Place of Birth on Ellis Island Manuscript MORAVKO

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  • MGMojher
    Nov 29, 2012
      I read it as “Paloncso”.
      1907–1913 Palonca = Plavnica
      1863–1913 Palocsa = Plavec
      From these spellings it would appear to be a toss up what “Paloncso” represents. There is a “tie-breaker”, the Doktor family also from “Paloncso” above happen to relatives of mine and they are from Plavnica.

      From: htcstech
      Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 8:49 PM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Re: Place of Birth on Ellis Island Manuscript MORAVKO

      @ JohnqAdam,
      Can you re-write those village names without accents? I'm not using my
      normal laptop which has the correct UTF installed.
      Is that Korlatko?

      I think I'm getting closer. There are a few Jokos which was his place of
      residence when he left for Bremen, but his birthplace was different.
      Using Cisarik I got Oszuszkó and came up with different village names.
      I'm getting Prietrž and Osuské, so I still can't pinpoint the location.
      I'm guessing that you are referring to Osuske, which is between Jablonica
      and Prietrz.

      Then there is the Dobra Voda older name of Joko which is probably his
      former residence maybe.

      @MGMojher - Did you read 'Palonca' from the manifest? Is that how you see

      Thanks John Z! 'Pallocsha' or Palocsa > Plavec - far away from other
      suggestions, near the Polish border. Did you count down to the 10th entry?
      It looks like (to me) (L) or (F) Felso (means upper) then Ko --------
      So Felso Ko is what I get.
      The K word could be Korlatko but as the scribe overwrote a few letters, I
      can't make it out.

      Peter M.

      On 30 November 2012 06:09, John <mailto:johnqadam%40yahoo.com> wrote:

      > **
      > >>> Sandor Moravko arrived in May 5 1909 from Joko . . . His birthplace is
      > listed in the last column on the 2nd page however I
      > can't read it properly.<<<
      > Oszuszkó (aka Jókő-Oszuszkó és Korlátkő-Oszuszkó), Nyitra,
      > Hungary

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