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  • Bud N
    Oct 14, 2012
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      While the meeting in Pittsburgh was hosted by the Slovak League and primarily attended by representatives of Slovak organization, there were other "racial" groups in attendance, sic, Serbs, Croatian, Ruthenians, Russian etc. [Note: In 1910, Serbs, Croatians, etc. were called "races" not "ethnic groups".

      The petition requested that each Slavic racial group be afforded the same identification status as Irish and British were afforded. The Irish race was different than the British race.

      The signatures of the petition didn't come from the Pittsburgh community but were all acquired from Cleveland, Ohio. It was the largest petition ever submitted regarding the US census and had 2,735 signatures. Though a contemporary news report claimed it was 5,000 signatures. The entire petition was 124 pages.

      I tried to upload the first 3 pages of the petition, the description of the petition, but I don't have the appropriate privileges.

      To Juraj: If you like I can e-mail the images to you and you can upload them; I have your e-mail address.
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