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34184Re: [S-R] Is the TOFIACK surname in Kosicka Bela misspelled???

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  • htcstech
    Sep 2, 2012
      Here's one -

      I looked at TOFIAK. The name is mentioned in a work of Comenius, but also
      has a Hungarian meaning - Sons of the lake.

      Peter M.

      On 3 September 2012 11:29, Michael Mojher <mgmojher@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Frank,
      > I have to presume that you cannot find your second Anna Plichta in the
      > Kosicka Bela records. When I did a general search for Plichta in the online
      > Slovak records there were over 3000 hits. None of which were in Kosicka
      > Bela. Wish you a lot of luck.
      > From: Frank R Plichta
      > Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2012 2:34 PM
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: RE: [S-R] Is the TOFIACK surname in Kosicka Bela misspelled???
      > Ben and Ladislav,
      > Thank you for your observations.
      > I need to look into this some more. If they mentioned "Kos. Bela" on the
      > passenger list, that HAD to be their last location. Someone just does not
      > come up with a location like that by accident. It is to small of a place.
      > On the other hand if someone says they are from "New York" there is a lot
      > of
      > room for misunderstanding. The city? Or the state? What part of New York.
      > But when they pick Kosicka Bela that location has to be correct.
      > I have visited my relatives in Kosicka Bela on three occasions. I wish I
      > had known about this Anna Plichta at that time. But it has been so long now
      > that I would have a difficult time making them understand what I am asking.
      > The details are confusing.
      > You see the story is more involved.
      > My grandmother was Anna Plichta born in Pennsylvania in 1886 from Slovak
      > parents. She would have been in 35 years of age in 1921. My "Baba" did not
      > have a daughter named Maria. My Baba traveled to Slovakia after they were
      > married in 1904 and stayed in Kosicka Bela with other relatives while my
      > grandfather was in the Austro-Hungarian Army. She returned to America in
      > October 1920 with my young father who was three years old. She did not go
      > to Pittsburgh because she was "Upset" with here husband (family oral
      > history). She stayed in New York for the next 10 years (documented) working
      > as a live-in maid in a Jewish household which allowed her to keep my young
      > father with her.
      > This new Anna Plichta was only 27 years of age in 1921 and she was born in
      > 1894 in Kosicka Bela. She had a daughter Maria age 5. So these are two
      > different women.
      > The second Anna Plichta age 27 was headed to be with her husband "George"
      > Plichta living at 43 Courtright Street in Pittsburgh, PA. She was not
      > permitted entry into the Untied States and was "deported" according to the
      > passenger list.
      > My grandfather, returned to the United States in June 1920 and went to
      > Pittsburgh, PA. George Plichta was living at 43 Courtright Street in
      > Pittsburgh, PA in December 1920 when he filed his "Declaration of
      > Intention"
      > to become a citizen of the United States. On the declaration he mentioned
      > that he was married and the name of his wife is "Annie", she was born in
      > Pennsylvania and now resides at "unknown."
      > So now you and the rest of Slovak-Roots know why I am interested in this
      > second "Anna Plichta", from the same small village, Kosicka Bela.
      > There are other details that fit the dates and places but I will not go
      > into
      > them now. It would be just too long of a story. But you know the basics.
      > I need to find this TOFIACK surname to see if I can find this second Annie.
      > Frank
      > Searching the world for PLICHTAs
      > _____
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      > Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2012 2:56 PM
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      > Subject: Re: [S-R] Is the TOFIACK surname in Kosicka Bela misspelled???
      > An ending -ck is very uncommon in slovak, may be it is from german where
      > "ck" = "k". An alternativ could also be Tofiacik or Tofiacky. In first
      > there
      > would be perhaps a hacek on c in second an accent on y.
      > So the most close slovak names are Tofiak, Tofiacky, Tofiacik.
      > But it is also possible that also in the begin there is a misspeling,
      > because all three possibilities sound a little bit uncommon. But I have
      > nearly no experience from eastern Slovakia.
      > Ladislav
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      > Subject: [S-R] Is the TOFIACK surname in Kosicka Bela misspelled???
      > I need to find the surname TOFIACK in Kosicka Bela, SK.
      > The passenger list for the ship S.S. LaSavoie sailing from Le Havre on
      > March
      > 12, 1921 and arriving in the port of New York on March 22, 1921 there was a
      > passenger named Anna PLICHTA, age 27, married, occupation housewife and her
      > daughter Maria, age 5. The passenger list reports that she (Anna) left her
      > mother Maria TOFIACK, behind in Kos. Bela (Kosicka Bela).
      > I have searched the Slovak telephone directory and the web site:
      > http://www.cisarik.com/0_Kosicka_Bela_Kosice_okolie_KI_AbaujTorna_AbovTurna.
      > html#more_surnames which lists the modern (2005) surnames found in the
      > census. I cannot find the surname TOFIACK in Kosicka Bela.
      > Kosicak Bela is reported to have only 962 inhabitants in 2005.
      > I am not a native speaker of Slovak. I need to know if the surname is
      > misspelled and if so, what would be a reasonable alternate spelling?
      > Thank you for your assistance.
      > Frank R. Plichta
      > "Searching the world for PLICHTAs"
      > Searchin for information about ANY Plichta, at ANY Place and at ANY time in
      > history.
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