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34180RE: [S-R] Is the TOFIACK surname in Kosicka Bela misspelled???

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  • Frank R Plichta
    Sep 2, 2012
      Ben and Ladislav,

      Thank you for your observations.

      I need to look into this some more. If they mentioned "Kos. Bela" on the
      passenger list, that HAD to be their last location. Someone just does not
      come up with a location like that by accident. It is to small of a place.
      On the other hand if someone says they are from "New York" there is a lot of
      room for misunderstanding. The city? Or the state? What part of New York.
      But when they pick Kosicka Bela that location has to be correct.

      I have visited my relatives in Kosicka Bela on three occasions. I wish I
      had known about this Anna Plichta at that time. But it has been so long now
      that I would have a difficult time making them understand what I am asking.
      The details are confusing.

      You see the story is more involved.

      My grandmother was Anna Plichta born in Pennsylvania in 1886 from Slovak
      parents. She would have been in 35 years of age in 1921. My "Baba" did not
      have a daughter named Maria. My Baba traveled to Slovakia after they were
      married in 1904 and stayed in Kosicka Bela with other relatives while my
      grandfather was in the Austro-Hungarian Army. She returned to America in
      October 1920 with my young father who was three years old. She did not go
      to Pittsburgh because she was "Upset" with here husband (family oral
      history). She stayed in New York for the next 10 years (documented) working
      as a live-in maid in a Jewish household which allowed her to keep my young
      father with her.

      This new Anna Plichta was only 27 years of age in 1921 and she was born in
      1894 in Kosicka Bela. She had a daughter Maria age 5. So these are two
      different women.

      The second Anna Plichta age 27 was headed to be with her husband "George"
      Plichta living at 43 Courtright Street in Pittsburgh, PA. She was not
      permitted entry into the Untied States and was "deported" according to the
      passenger list.

      My grandfather, returned to the United States in June 1920 and went to
      Pittsburgh, PA. George Plichta was living at 43 Courtright Street in
      Pittsburgh, PA in December 1920 when he filed his "Declaration of Intention"
      to become a citizen of the United States. On the declaration he mentioned
      that he was married and the name of his wife is "Annie", she was born in
      Pennsylvania and now resides at "unknown."

      So now you and the rest of Slovak-Roots know why I am interested in this
      second "Anna Plichta", from the same small village, Kosicka Bela.

      There are other details that fit the dates and places but I will not go into
      them now. It would be just too long of a story. But you know the basics.
      I need to find this TOFIACK surname to see if I can find this second Annie.


      Searching the world for PLICHTAs


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      An ending -ck is very uncommon in slovak, may be it is from german where
      "ck" = "k". An alternativ could also be Tofiacik or Tofiacky. In first there
      would be perhaps a hacek on c in second an accent on y.

      So the most close slovak names are Tofiak, Tofiacky, Tofiacik.

      But it is also possible that also in the begin there is a misspeling,
      because all three possibilities sound a little bit uncommon. But I have
      nearly no experience from eastern Slovakia.


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      Subject: [S-R] Is the TOFIACK surname in Kosicka Bela misspelled???

      I need to find the surname TOFIACK in Kosicka Bela, SK.

      The passenger list for the ship S.S. LaSavoie sailing from Le Havre on March
      12, 1921 and arriving in the port of New York on March 22, 1921 there was a
      passenger named Anna PLICHTA, age 27, married, occupation housewife and her
      daughter Maria, age 5. The passenger list reports that she (Anna) left her
      mother Maria TOFIACK, behind in Kos. Bela (Kosicka Bela).

      I have searched the Slovak telephone directory and the web site:
      html#more_surnames which lists the modern (2005) surnames found in the
      census. I cannot find the surname TOFIACK in Kosicka Bela.

      Kosicak Bela is reported to have only 962 inhabitants in 2005.

      I am not a native speaker of Slovak. I need to know if the surname is
      misspelled and if so, what would be a reasonable alternate spelling?

      Thank you for your assistance.

      Frank R. Plichta

      "Searching the world for PLICHTAs"

      Searchin for information about ANY Plichta, at ANY Place and at ANY time in

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