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  • lovadina_karen
    Aug 25, 2012
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      I have been trying to locate my ggrandfather's village so I can find them in the 1869 Hungarian census. I can not make out the handwriting on his marriage record in 1884 but, I have located his brother's birth record in August of 1863 documented at the Greek Catholic church in Zavadka. On this document the family lists Sonntagsgrund and some other illegible writing.
      I have seen in the roman catholic church records for Markusovce many listings for Sonntagsgrund so I know it must be close.
      My question is this - I've recently come across this website, written in Slovak I think, that lists the German name for Horne Prsany as Sonntagsgrund. Can anyone tell me if this is the same Sonntagsgrund that is listed in the Markusovce Roman Catholic church records in 1860's? Here is the link Seznam měst, obcí a vojenských obvodů na Slovensku (H-L) - Wikipedie Whether it is or not, can someone tell me the LDS film number or numbers for the Sonntagsgrunds in question?
      Thank you,
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