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  • Elizabeth
    Aug 6, 2012
      Thanks Peter. I didn't know if there were official orphanages to check or this would have been an unofficial adoption. Will try following that lead.

      Also, thank you for the other info which I hadn't thought of. Will definitely look into the military angle and Justina's family.

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, htcstech <htcstech@...> wrote:
      > Hello Betty,
      > Looks like you've done a lot of work on this. I can suggest that you seek
      > out and contact the orphanages if you haven't done so.
      > In my area of research, I had found a contemporary orphanage of the time
      > that was operated by the RC church, however the building and the grounds
      > were donated and partially financed by the Esterhazy family, who owned
      > large tracts of land near Bratislava. You may be able to identify Martin's
      > orphanage and seek help from that organization if records have survived or
      > were archived.
      > Secondly, Martin could very well have been born in Vienna, even of Austrian
      > parentage. His father may have been stationed in Slovakia as part of the
      > military. There were 2 separate armies within Austro-Hungary, the Hungarian
      > (K.U.K) and the Austro-Hungarian (K.K.). The Kramerius website shows a
      > single MECLER mentioned in 1900, but the record is not available online but
      > obtainable through Czeh authorities. There is enough information to show
      > that Josef Mecler was born in 1889. He could have been a relative:
      > http://kramerius.nkp.cz/kramerius/Search.do?documentType=periodical&text=Mecler+
      > and the incident involving Josef Metcler occured circa 1900. Often (but not
      > always), these records show the place of birth or the place of
      > registration. It's a long shot.
      > Thirdly, I would try and make contact with Justina's Slovakian family. Old
      > letters or family stories may contain more information about Martin's
      > origins that were transmitted by Justina herself. In my experience, home
      > town news has solved a few puzzles.
      > The various places of origin are explainable. Prior to 1919 it was the
      > Austro-Hungarian Empire, post it was Czechoslovakia till 1938 or
      > thereabouts, and back to Czechoslovakia after 1944.
      > Good Luck
      > Peter M.
      > On 6 August 2012 11:00, John <johnqadam@...> wrote:
      > > **
      > >
      > >
      > > >>> Martin Joseph Mecler was born February 26, 1888 and orphaned as a
      > > baby/toddler. . . .
      > > Married Justina Valkovics on 18 April 1910. <<<
      > >
      > > Let’s assume that the marriage was â€Å"arranged†in the sense that he
      > > knew Justina before emigrating and sent for her when he could provide
      > > support. Do you know what village Justina is from?
      > >
      > >
      > >
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