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  • William C. Wormuth
    Aug 5, 2012
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      The following was told to me by some members of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cohos, NY, whose members were Lemko immigrants from Galicia.:

      During the Immigration period, Greek Catholic Byzantines requested diocesan Bishops permission to send for priests from Slovakia to build Rusyn Byzantine churches and staff them with priests from Slovakia.

      Bishops at that time refused, because many of the priests might be married, and not accepted in the Roman Catholic rites.  The people decided to leave the Church of Rome and form their own Hierarchical Rusyn Orthodox Churches.  

      Since they were Rusyn, they used the only translation of their nationality, calling themselves "Russian", thus Russian Orthodox.

      It is confusing to me because the Church of St. Michael, in Binghamtom NY is called Greek Catholic.  There was a Split of Parishioners and that group built Holy Spirit Greek Catholic Byzantine, (Uniate), Church.

      I was happy to read in the Jednota newspaper, (within the last couple of years), a married priest and his wife,  

      toured some Byzantine Uniate churches.  

      My opinion is that if  Roman Catholic churches had allowed married priests, we would not have suffered the church closings due to the present lack of priests.

      I am not an authority and  if there is disagreement please respond in the SW site. 

      Z Bohom,


      From: AnnieW <annduardo@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, August 5, 2012 10:08 AM
      Subject: [S-R] Re: Ruska Nova Ves

      I'm getting a little confused... My husbands Ivanko/Kmetz family in Yonkers attended a roman catholic Slovak church and was always told his grandmother spoke slovak and prided on being Slovak. In fact im told the Slovak family didnt even like his GReek Catholic Rusyn Grandfathers family, his Gma married a Rusyn from the former Galicia. But now that I found his "Slovak" families birth records and ancestral village Ruska Nova Ves this Saros region had a lot of Rusyns in it and the birth records and 1869 Slovakia census says the family was Greek Catholic hich is an indicator of being Rusyn....

      The Ivankos, Petruskas and Desatniks (all decendants) all say Greek Catholic. The Janos Kmecz/Kmetz the Petruskas GGma married says was Roman Catholic from Kokosovce according to that census. Perhaps all those lines were Rusyn and the Kmetz line is Slovak? It just blows my mind that they may be Rusyn at all, it just contradicts everything that was told about his grandma being Slovak and she herself calling herself Slovak...

      all though it does make more sense than as to how my mother in law says her parents would speak a different language to one another, she never knew what they were speaking. She was brought up believing they were Russian since her father attended the Russian orthodox church. But I have since discovered they were Rusyns from now Gorlice county.

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Paul Sabol <pgsabol@...> wrote:
      > I can't speak in generalities, but I can say my Sabol and Sabolcik ancestors from RNV were Rusyn and attended the Greek Catholic churches here when they got to America.
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      > Paul G. Sabol
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      > From: AnnieW <annduardo@...>
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      > Subject: [S-R] Ruska Nova Ves
      > Does anyone know off hand how heavily of an influence the Rusyns had in this area? Is Greek Catholic an indicator of this?
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