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33937Re: [S-R] Opinions on in-country research

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  • vera holman
    Aug 1, 2012
      I made a mistake by not finding out if they were really certified as a
      genealogist. I just took the word of one of the most efficient facillators
      on Slovak-Roots . I had previosly checked out a few other, researchers ,
      those genealogists , their price was way out in left field and beyond!.
      I chose the one that was ok's by the facillator, but, say in short , very
      disappointing. Me, not knowing the Slovak language , was given on the
      first e-mail, stripes copied from the ? records , in Slovak??
      A white long
      strip ----------------------------------------------------
      / / / /
      name , not deciphered as one of my relatives, and words , no dates, no
      explanation what so ever??

      This was suppose to be one of the names to be researched?

      So, I got 5 stripes in the middle of 5 pages!!

      Gave names of grgrandparents and dates, the grandmother was a different
      name, than what was given to facillate the search! .

      Mothers siblings listed, but two of them were not listed!

      Grandfathers' surname was correct, but the father had a different name
      listed with my grandmother?

      Had specifically asked for ceritified death papers,of Mother, not given,
      same for her marriage ,not given.

      Sent pages that I had already copied for my own research. , not dealing
      with my research Other things that I did not ask for.

      So, with those few pages , the researcher was already wanted his money!!
      To stop further research, or so called, sent half of what asked for!!
      Then I think i I gave toooo much!!!!

      Remembering , reading , of others hiring researchers, stated that when
      the reseraching was completed with their all their wishes,would be
      informed of what was coming and then requested payment!!

      Am grateful that there are more , pertinet information given on this site,
      free gratis!!


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