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  • frankur@att.net
    Apr 2, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., krejc@a... wrote:
      > dear list,
      > is anyone researching in or near the town of Lubica near Kezmarok?
      > Noreen

      Not researching ....

      Interesting region.
      Germans, Slovaks, Rusyns, Croatians, Hungarians, and Poles.
      Don't know which ethnic group settled here first in 12th, 14th,
      and 16th centuries ?

      L'ubica (Sv) has four churches.

      LDS filmed :

      R.C. parish church records (1660-1912) for L'ubica, Leibicz
      Leibic (H) Libitz (G)

      Lutheran church records (1783-1951)

      Text in German, Latin and Hungarian.

      G.C. parish church records (1822-1925) listed under
      Text in Latin, Ukrainian and Hungarian.
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