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  • Gary Toth
    May 31 5:54 PM
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      Susan, Mary, and their families were from a different Toth clan. The Cambria County Genealogy site sounds like a good resource, though. I will make it favorite in my browser and then run through it when I have some open time. I am lucky to have the 1910 Census manifest page for my GGF/GGM/first child. Since that includes the district info and actual street address, I may be able to use these as clues in the Cambria site. Thanks for the lead!!


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      My cousin by marriage Susan Margaret Toth Sabo was born and recently passed away in Johnstown, Cambria county PA. �Her mother Bertha Mary Toth was born in Johnstown 3/2/1921-9/29/2010. �Bertha did not marry the father, so the children retained the Toth last name. �I would check the Cambria county census for the name. �There website is free, check on Cambria County PA Genealogy and it will give you a lot of information dating back into the 1700.s. Jane

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      As you may know, Toth in Hungarian means Slovak. My father and I are trying to assemble a family tree for the Hungarian side of the family. To accomplish this, I am seeking help in locating family records in the 1820 through 1920 time period.

      In the past few months, in my spare time (my father is retired, but I am not yet), I have been piecing together quite a bit of information. However, the trail drops with my great grandparents. The family pretty much all settled in PA. First it was in Cambria Country. From there, most were in Northampton County (Norhtampton and Phoenixville, especially), and then many to the Reading area. I have the 1910 census manifest that backs up Cambria County, and the 1930 that backs up the Northampton County. (Oddly, I have yet to find anything from gthe 1920 census. It's as if they were missed.)

      My GGF, J�nos, was born on 11/18/1886 in Hungary. The family was always said to be from the Lake Balaton region. This is semi-confirmed by his Naturalization paperwork that I obtained from the Easton, PA records for Northampton County. He listed his last foreign residence town as Lengyelt�ti (albeit it was misspelled as Lengelotti.) The family also had ties to Szentgotth�rd where he supposedly was building a retirement home to return to after making his fortune in the US.

      My GGM, Anna (with records having varying DOB's of 9/3 or 9/18 and either 1890, 1891, 1892, or 1893), married John (he immediately moved to an English name here) in 1908 in South Brunswick, NJ. She came over with her parents, J�szef and Anna, in 1905. I have the boat records from Ellis Island. Their name appears in many variants--and I am still unsure as to which is correct--Safar, Saffar, Saffer. They Americanized to Shafer and yet later to Schaeffer. Her mother's maiden name appears as Smith on the marriage certificate for a second marriage (John died in 1939, and she remarried in 1948). There was always family rumor that part of the family was from Austria, so this would make sense. No doubt the name is Schmidt or some form of it.

      Without writing on forever, this is the guts of what we have so far. We would really like to get details of my great grandparents in Hungary. With that, we can try to work back further. John's father, by the way, is thought to be Anton. Most likely this would be Antonius or another Hunagrian variant.

      Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. I feel as if one good lead or one good piece of information will open the door.

      K�s�n�m sz�pen, Gary

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