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32818Re: Project: Uni Student Work Offer

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  • Ron
    Apr 30, 2012
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      Check out the Jakubany group on Yahoo Groups. They have accomplished much the same for the village of Jakubany in old Spis. The people there can give you the straight story on how much time and labor it took them - on fellow in particular, I believe, to accomplish it all.


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, htcstech <htcstech@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I'm considering 'biting the bullet' in pursuing the social relationships
      > within the whole village that is the seat of my ancestors.
      > Part of this would be transcribing church records into a database that can
      > show interrelationships between families over time.
      > Slowly, I have been amassing historical information and my curiosity is
      > getting ever so strong about the lives of these people.
      > I could not help but notice that many families within the village
      > intermarried with each other on many occasions. Sponsors were often from
      > the same family names, high and low noble births and the effects of
      > epidemics can all be seen in these records.
      > What makes this unique, is that the population was relevantly stable over
      > 250 years and these folks didn't travel or emigrate until the turn of the
      > 20th century when industrialisation took effect.
      > So I sent 2 emails, one to the Uni of Bratislava and another to the Selye
      > Uni. Both have courses in theology.
      > I asked if any student(s) would be willing to do contract work to
      > transcribe church records into a database. (Doing this myself would result
      > in my insanity.)
      > I did a trial run on a few pages and I think that $75 per 150 double-pages
      > (open book) was perhaps a fair price to pay.
      > As I don't really know about Slovak economy and wages, especially for
      > students, I was wondering if anyone has any comment about this?
      > Also, what do you think about this project?
      > Has it been done before?
      > Thanks
      > Peter M.
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