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3263Re: [S-R] authorization code

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  • John
    Mar 2, 2001
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      At 10:39 AM 3/2/01 -0500, you wrote:
      >I understand I need an authorization code.
      >Please help. I have been a member of Slovak Roots.
      >Barbara Leibold

      How do I join a Group? To join, or subscribe to, a Group via the Yahoo!
      Groups web site:
      Locate a Group by browsing the categories listed on the Yahoo! Groups home
      page, or by using the search box on any page.
      Once you've found a Group that interests you, click its name to view the
      main Group page for more information.
      Click on Join this Group!. In addition to joining, you will be able to set
      your membership options.
      If you haven't registered or signed in, you will be prompted to do so.
      To join/subscribe to a Group via email:
      Send a blank email to:
      Make sure to replace "groupname" with the actual name of the Group (e.g.,
      You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Just reply to this
      message and your subscription will be complete.
      If someone sent you an email invitation to join a Group, simply reply to
      the message or click on the link provided to join via the Yahoo! Groups web
      Note: Some Groups are restricted, meaning that the moderator approves all
      requests to join. Joining a restricted Group sends a message to the
      moderator, who will notify you if your request has been accepted. Once
      approved, you will be able to post messages to the Group.
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